Tuesday 4-8-20



Hey, sorry I have been away for some time but now I’m back with some more posts. Whilst away, I was reflecting back on how much I have changed over the years. I remember being extremely insecure and feeling ugly most of the time. It was only until friends and family boosted my confidence with compliments and pointed out the nice qualities in me that I began to feel better about myself. After a while I watched videos that encouraged self confidence and applied the advice they gave. With more practise, I naturally became the confident person I am today. I would like to share with you some effective ways that helped me to become a confident person naturally. 

Accept yourself. Yes this sounds easier than it is to do, but it really is, as simple as it sounds. Accept yourself first. What this means is, understand that the way you are, the mistakes you have made in the past, the things you find funny, the weird things that you do, the things you like and don’t like, all make you, you. You can not change this. I have found that when you ask someone to change, they will change for a short time, but slowly go back to the person they are naturally. We are all made to be different on purpose. Why would you pretend to be someone else and not be the original you? You would have lived a life that is not yours. Why make someone a copy and not allow yourself to exist? We are all needed for specific things. Your existence here is very important as you impart others without even knowing. Try to not centre yourself in everything. The world is much bigger than you. Others may need you more than you think. Once people are themselves, it allows others to relate to them. It makes people feel that they can be themselves as you are so confident in being you. Truly, everyone wants the freedom of being who they are, without being judged. Why not be an example of being free? We are all human, no one is perfect, so share the imperfection. There is beauty in being open. 

Do the things you’ve always wanted to do. With life being fast paced at times with our daily responsibilities, it’s easy to forget to make time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. Whether that being starting a blog, making a Youtube channel, travelling the world or go-kart racing with your friends, DO IT. Once you make the first step towards that dream, you are a step closer to it. Life is too short to get wrapped in the things that do not bring us any joy. Yes you need to pay the bills, buy food and such but you also need to be happy. 

Live without judgement.  Following on from the previous point, do the things you want to do without worrying about what others think. Forget wondering what your friends or family think if you completely change the career you want to do. If they truly love you, they would support it as they want you to be happy, whether that be initially or later down the line. Why allow people to hold you back from doing the things that would make you feel better? Would you want to live a life where you never did the things you wanted to do, because you wanted to impress someone else? Everyone opinions are temporary, they change every day. If you base your life on others opinions, you will never be satisfied as they will always have something to say. Do what YOU want to do, If that brings you most happiness because it is YOUR life, and YOUR experience in the world. You do not have the same qualities or skills as your friends and family so you cannot be like them, even if they make you feel that way. They would be ok as they have the traits needed for that particular thing and you would not be ok because they want you to be like them, when you can’t be. Follow your talents and develop them. Do everything with your heart and it will lead you in the right place and put you amongst the right people. The more you trust yourself to do things you were afraid to do before, the more confidence you gain overtime. 

Build others up. As mentioned before, try not to centre yourself in everything. Acknowledge that this world is shared. The world does not revolve around you. Boost others confidence to boost your own. Giving out good energy gives you good energy back. Being able to make someone else day will make your day brighter because you would see the impact you had on them. If you show someone love, and accept them exactly as they are, they will grow confident and love you twice as much for giving them that freedom to be themselves. Getting used to complimenting others will not only increase your confidence, but it will also increase your social skills. You will find that you can talk to anyone and make their day better instantly, in turn, making you more friends. Receiving compliments and never returning them does not make you ‘cool’ or ‘better’ than others. Love can be given and received.

Share this with someone you care about and think deserves a confidence boost because they are amazing the way they are.

Love always,