Friday 22-5-20



Afternoon beautiful people. I would like to share with you some tips on increasing your happiness and wellness. I found these approaches to be extremely helpful in helping me reach a place of peace and love. Relax your shoulders, clear your mind and let’s get into it. 

Let go of the things that are not good for you. You know exactly the habits, the ‘friends’ and the relationships that do not make you feel good about yourself. Every time you interact with that toxic friend or partner, you find yourself feeling worse about yourself. Those who you claim to be the closest to you are meant to be a great source of happiness. A person who truly loves you will celebrate your victories with you, help you reach your goals and be there whenever you need them. They wouldn’t kick you whilst you are down or make you feel like you are not good enough. 

It can be hard to let go of these people because you may value your relationships based on how many years you’ve known them. You might continue to appreciate them based on the one nice thing they did for you a while back or because they were there for some significant events in your life. Realise that these are all moments and new ones are always being made. Someone who would love you 10x better than all the years you’ve known this person, could walk into your life tomorrow. Understand that there is greater love out there and you should not settle for less.

Acts on how to let go of someone 

  1. Make a list on all the reasons why you feel like that particular person is bad for you.
  2. Write down all the ways you have changed for the worst since that person came into your life.
  3. Realise how many attempts you have made to keep things alive and how they have failed every time, so you remain sad.
  4. Remove this halo you put over their heads by only remembering the good things about them. Remind yourself of the painful memories and the stress they have caused you.
  5. Imagine how much more free you will feel once you breakthrough the attachment and never look back. 
  6. Do what is best for the person you want to eventually be like. 

Don’t compare yourself to others. Looking at another persons life and their success can really demotivate you If you look at it with a negative mindset. Just because they are achieving great things does not mean you can’t either. Their success does not affect yours in any way. What they accomplish will not help you to pay your bills, buy the things you want or reach the life you dream about. So why care about them? Why should it affect you that badly if it has no connection to you at all. Remind yourself that where they started is not where you began and where they finish is not where you will end. You are running a completely different race. You cannot know the real struggles they faced in their process as they will not know yours. Rather, look at other peoples achievements positively. See them as a motivation to chase your own goals. Instead of hating, congratulate them with the hope to also reach great heights. It would only attract good into your life wishing good on others. Stay in a competition with only yourself, trying to becoming the best you more and more everyday. 

Acts on not comparing yourself to others 

  1. Stay away from people who only see the flaws in others and never the good things.
  2. Know that you are original and irreplaceable. You have admirable qualities. No-one can do things like you can. 
  3. Congratulate yourself on reaching small goals. You are putting in the effort and moving forward no matter how small the step. You are making great progress.
  4. Acknowledge others efforts to make you happy and appreciate what you receive from them. 
  5. Know that everyone has their own struggles and so are not perfect at all, no matter how it seems. 
  6. Believe with all your heart that you are good enough and will make it. 

Develop patience. Invest in people and get to know them for who they truly are. Actually take the time to listen to their day, or their stories and appreciate them. You can always learn something new from good conversation. Actively help people when they are in need without thinking about what could benefit you from it. You never know what they could help you with in the future just because you showed them genuine acts of kindness. 

Give yourself the time to become better. Do not rush the process. Appreciate every single attempt to become an improved you. Just because it is not a big step does not mean it does not count. Nothing great comes easy. Success does not happen overnight. 

Acts on developing patience

  1. Value people for their soul than their possessions or what they could do for you. 
  2. Take the time to have real conversations with different people. 
  3. Help people without any intentions. 
  4. Accept we all make mistakes.
  5. Live in the moment and appreciate all that is around you. 
  6. Make people happy. 

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Have a wonderful day.

Love always,

Raquel ♡