Thursday 21-05-20



When people talk about self-love, most people get confused. Loving yourself can come across as vein or boastful to some. This is the wrong understanding. To love yourself means to accept who you are, to do the things that are best for you and to become your happiest self. It sounds much easier than it is to do. I struggled to really understand what it means to self-love. This post will explain to you different ways in which you can gravitate towards loving yourself.

Discipline. Often times, we can pick the easiest option because it takes the least effort. Hard work is not fun. However, putting in a lot of effort and working hard is what will help you to achieve your goals. Nothing worth having comes easy. This is a fact you must accept. To discipline yourself is an act of loving yourself. This is because you are doing the things that will benefit you in the long run. An example of this can be going to the gym and having a better diet to improve your health. These things are hard to maintain and take a lot of work but they lead to happiness.

In order to get signed to my modelling agency, I was told that had to lose a couple inches off my hips within a month. As I really wanted to achieve this goal of being signed, I completely changed my diet to eating half a plate of vegetables, with the other half consisting of two chicken legs every day. I completely cut out sugar and diary, which are the two things I crave. I would look forward to enjoying a cold Diet Coke as my desert. I got into the habit of enjoying this as my focus was the end goal and how happy I would be if I achieved it. Eventually I did. It helped me to love myself more as I committed to something and reached targets. It made me feel good. You really have to push through the resistance. By the way, a habit develops after 2 weeks of constantly doing it.

Become aware of your toxic traits. A lot of people ignore the behaviours they do. They don’t pay attention to themselves as they are quick to point the finger at others. It’s really cliche to say but when you point, you have three fingers pointing back at you. No one is perfect. Before looking at others thoughts, look at yourself. Become aware of the things you do that can be changed for the better. You may be hot headed, quick to judge or humiliate others. First think how you would feel if someone were to treat you the same way.

This might sound strange but I like criticism. I know it is very hard to take but I’ve developed a different mentality towards it. I find that when people critique, they rather help me to improve. Instead of ignoring their thoughts or arguing with them over it, I take it into consideration and see whether it would actually benefit me if I were to listen. Criticism can be actually seen as positive as they are helping you to become the best you quicker. They make the things you may not have noticed before come to your attention. Why would you reject someone’s advice just because you don’t like people saying negative things about you. Before you rush to anger, think about whether it can help you.

Give yourself a break. We are all our own worst critics. The things we don’t like about ourself are the things people probably love the most. Treat yourself with love. Tell yourself that you look good today when you actually do. Do the skincare routine you’ve been putting off. Eat your favourite cheeky treats here and there. Enjoy your life. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Celebrate your minor and major achievements, they are both forms of improvement. Fill your mind with positive thoughts. What you think, you attract. To reach happiness attract happiness. This is through giving out positive energy, making others smile, helping people without thinking about what you will get in return. Just be a good person.

Here are some ways to keep you going with your self-love journey:

  1. Learn how to push through the laziness, you will always be happy you did.
  2. Surround yourself with positive people. Misery loves company, so distance from those with bad energy. 
  3. Don’t accept the negative feelings. Choose to fight to have a happier life.
  4. Decide to make changes and not excuses.
  5. Envision your best self and work towards becoming that person everyday.

You will begin to love yourself when you become disciplined, as when you push through the struggle, happiness follows. Once you start to give out good energy, you receive it back making you more open to love. Treating yourself with love and respect will make you not accept any less than this from others.

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I hope you enjoyed the weather today.

Love always,

Raquel ♡