Saturday 16-5-20



You may have clicked this to see whether the person who claims to love you, actually does. Or, you are interested in someone and hope that he is showing some of these signs. As someone who has been in love twice, based on my own experience, I can tell you some clear signs to look out for. In both experiences, the men who claimed to be in love with me showed similar signs. This post will let you know whether he is in love with you or not. Please note that I am not a relationship expert, I am not claiming this as factual and my posts are based on my own beliefs.

He includes you in his future. One clear sign that I discovered, was that when a guy is in love with you, he tends to talk about the future. He starts to say ‘we’ a lot. He includes you in his plans. Has he ever asked you how many children you want in the future? Does he ask you things like, ‘when do you plan on getting married?’. A guy who includes you in his future, always considers how you will be affected by his plans. Before agreeing to attend something, he will think about whether you guys have something planned that day. You would be surprised about the amount of social gatherings he has cancelled just to be with you. Him mentioning anything about the future, is a huge sign that he is in love with you as he imagines you being in his life for a long time. Don’t be fooled though. Just because he calls you his ‘wifey’ or ‘my girl’ does not mean that he is in love with you. A lot of guys just say things that they know you want to hear. He could be calling multiple girls his ‘wife’. Actions speak louder as they say. 

His friends and family know you. When a guy is in love with you, they tend to talk about you a lot. They see you as a trophy, therefore they want to brag about you to others. If you find that he mentions that he told his mother, siblings or friends about you, then it is a clear sign that he is in love. Friends and family are what most guys treasure and so they will not waste time telling them about someone who they do not find important. His boys will treat you with respect. He will want to bring you around them, to show you off. His friends will dare not flirt with you or talk to you privately inappropriately. If you ever find yourself in a situation where his boys feel that they can ask for your number, or ask to get to know you on a more personal level, please know that you are not respected by them. It means that the guy you like, has told them that they have the green card to get with you. Meaning, he does not love you or see you as anyone serious, but someone they can pass around. Please do not mistake their attempts to get with you, as them finding you too attractive to resist ruining their loyalty to their boy. If you go and tell him that his friends are going behind his back, he will not be surprised. Because he would have been the one letting them talk to you. If he is surprised, he will act upon it. Test this out if you don’t believe me. If everyone around him knows about you and treats you with respect, then he is definitely in love with you.  

He wants to spend a lot of time with you. You will find, that when a guy is in love with you, he spends most of his time with you. He cannot start his day and end his day without thinking about you because you occupy his mind. All he wants to do is be with you. This can be seen through how much he messages you throughout the day, how much he calls and face times you. Sometimes they call just to hear your voice. This is because they want to be with the person who brings them the most happiness. We will discuss that further in another post. 

A man in love with you is willing to sacrifice what he enjoys doing, to be with you. For example, if you like someone who enjoys playing FIFA a lot, if they are in love, they would be willing to pause their game to hear what you are saying. They may even put off playing the game at all to spend time talking to you. At worst, he will want you to stay on FaceTime whilst he plays so that he can enjoy both the game and your presence. When a guy is not in love with you, he will do what he wants. He will wait until he is done playing his game, talking to his other friends, before giving you any time of day, because you are not important to him. 

A guy who wants to spend a lot of time with you will do things he doesn’t usually do. He will just do it to make you happy. For example, if he knows you enjoy going to get your nails done, he will come with you to the nail parlour. If you enjoy watching a particular Netflix series, he will watch it with you even if it is not something of his interest. Any excuse to be with you, he will use. 

These are just three clear examples of what a guy does when he is in love with you. I hope this helped to see whether he loves you or not. 

Love always,

Raquel ♡