Hey,  my name is Raquel Victoria.

I have made this site with the intention to create a safe space for people who feel alone, who could do with feeling a bit better or who would like to learn some new things here and there on how to be happier. My aim is to have this be a relieving place to have conversations with others who feel similar and to create comforting content for you to read. As someone who has experienced low self esteem, unhappiness and bullying in the past, I felt like making something that could prevent anyone else from feeling this way.

This is my chance to create that space that I needed when I was growing up. If someone had made something like this back when I needed it, I would have definitely felt better more quickly. I am a British Ghanaian who loves to connect with people. So why not form a deeper bond with you and help in the process? I always want you to leave my site feeling better, even if just a little bit. I am still a work in progress myself, in no way perfect, I would just like to share what I’ve found to help.

Please do not hesitate to message me directly using the chatroom feature on my site (which can be done anonymously) if you ever feel alone and want someone to talk to. Also feel free to express your thoughts under any posts or forums.

The best comfort is knowing that some body else has experienced the same thing as you.

Love always,